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Angel Brooks/Parrish


Teenage runaway Angel Brooks arrived in the Bay in 1993, and got off to a bad start by selling Shane Parrish fake concert tickets. Shane pestered her to pay him back, which she did eventually.

Angel was hospitalised soon after her arrival and was later living at Fishers. Problems occurred when there were constant arguments between her and Shane.

Angel and Shane fell in love and in 1993, her secret was uncovered while Shane was working at a police station. She was furious, and so was Shane as to why did she give her child up in the first place.

Shane persuaded her to find her son, and helped her trace her. Initially, her son Dylan caused friction between Angel and Dylan, but the matter was resolved. She was pleased when he got on well with Dylan.

Angel was run over by Alf while she crossed the road. Wedding arrangements were going to be called off but she was determined that they go ahead. She married Shane in 1995.

Problems occurred when she discovered that Shane was seeing Shannon, that she left the Bay in a seaplane, which crashed. Angel and Dylan were later found, and she apologised to Shane for not trusting him.

Worse to come for her was when Shane died while they were out for the day with Dylan. She was grieving for a long time, and an Englishman, Simon Broadhurst, arrived in the Bay determined to investigate the matter of who knocked Shane off the bike.

Simon and Angel got very close and he persuaded her to leave the Bay with him. Angel left the Bay in 1996 (episode 2000) to start a new life with Simon.


Melissa George was a newcomer to TV. She landed her role in Home and Away when a nationwide audition was held looking for someone to play Angel. "Before appearing in Home and Away, I had done a lot of modelling, commercials, etc. so I already had plenty of experience appearing in front of the camera, but I'd never done a lot of acting", she explained, "Then on Christmas Eve, after two auditions, I got a phone call telling me I got the part! I couldn't believe it."
Since then, Melissa's lifestyle had completely changed. "I left school to concentrate on my acting, and I'm having a great time", she said, "A few months back, I was an innocent school girl, but now I'm a bit of a party animal!"

But Melissa admitted that there is a downside: "Having to move from Perth to Sydney was very hard. I do get very homesick at times."

On sports, she said that she didn't get much time, but she loves dancing. She was an artistic roller skater, but gave it up due to work commitments. She was a bit of a fitness freak.

On the subject of school, "I finished Year 11 after I was lucky to get the job on Home and Away. I had really high grades." Before acting, she wanted to go to university to do teaching.

What she liked best about her job, "I like doing public appearances, and the satisfaction you get from doing a good scene is great. After all, it's not like you're doing accounting or something - you're doing something fun!"

Since leaving Home and Away, Melissa has been busy with a variety of projects. She has launched her own nightwear label - An Angel At My Beside, and a fitness vide, Mind, Body and Soul, which she made with Steve Bastoni. She also had a small role as a prostitute in the feature film Dark City and also played a headstrong daughter in Fable, an Australian TV movie.

Around 1997, she revealed a new image - complete with a sophisticated shorter hairstyle, suggesting that she has put Angel well and truly behind her.

When asked would she go back, she said, "Except maybe to do a guest appearance. But it's important never to go back, you should always move forward.

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